Photoshoot with Love Script Photograghy

I have been absent from the blogosphere for a week I have missed you all so much. Now at last I can show you the reason why I was absent for a week! I have been making garments for my first ever collaborative shoot with my friend Stacia of Love Script Photography.

Here are a couple of my favorites!

My all time fave!!!!!
To see it all click on over to Stacia’s post, here! You don’t want to miss it!
I have come to the conclusion that modeling is hard work. Designing is so much fun and using the gifts that God has given me is such a blessing as well as working with others that use the gifts that God has given them! I am praising the Lord for giving me such a wonderful friend and opportunity! I can’t wait to do this again!!!!
Take care friends =)
Wearing in outfit 1: ArtfullyArtista by Laura Clarke cotton caftan-y dress see it in full detail here; ArtfullyArtista by Laura Clarke orange ceramic bead and chain necklace; vintage belt;tunban-y head wrap made with the sash from this dress; and various bracelets and necklaces worn as bracelets.
Outfit 2: ArtfullyArtista by Laura Clarke seersucker stripe skirt made from vintage yardage(sooo swoonworthy); thrifted denim shirt that I removed the collar and front pocket from; Patagonia sandals; Linea Pelle belt; and vintage chain necklace worn as a bracelet.
p.s. Modeling is hard… but fun! Thus far I only model my style since I am not tall enough or skinny hipped enough for regular fashion modeling. But I don’t mind not fitting the standard because I like being me. So go forth, and be ye yourself =)

Tarpon Springs Part 2: At the Sponge Docks

The thing Tarpon Springs is known most for Is it’s natural sponges. They grow off the gulf coast of Fl. These sponges are gathered by hand and The main hub of things in Fl ,is at Tarpon Springs. Many of the Spongers are Greek and from a long line of people that have harvested these creatures for many many years. And though the Sponge docks is am major tourist hot spot, in the midst of it all you will see real working sponge boats and families that have made a living off this for several generations.

Sponges drying, they are so cool!!!
…and some for sale.
several of the boats had sponges drying from them.
…a Florida sign for sure.
  Here is the last bit of pics from Tarpon Springs. Though I love fashion I absolutely love to blog about my favorite state,Florida.
  Thank you all do much for the sweet comments!!! My family and I are recovered(at last=) from our sickness. I hope you all have a wonderful week =)

Tarpon Springs Part 1

Here are a few pics of Tarpon Springs It really is one of the prettiest towns ever!!! See what I wore here. Be forewarned this is picture heavy post. =)

 Since it was the Eve of NYE all the Christmas stuff was up.
The Tarpon Springs sink(hole) is gorgeous.
 we saw a school of little fish and a glimpse of a manatee over here.
A cute pelican that I took a ton of pictures of.
I love this metal gate the pattern is amazing!!!
I love the reflections on the water! I wonder if that’s a gator in the water, my little sis and her friend saw one, but sadly I didn’t =( 
  I hope you all enjoyed a look at part of my trip to Tarpon Springs, another post is coming soon. Sadly, I don’t think there will be an outfit posts this next week. Since my family has been suffering from the flu and/or food poisoning, the latter is what I got. I’m doing better now, but it will be a little bit longer before I’m hale and hardy. But on a much brighter note I got my drivers license on Monday, and I started classes. All of which I’m super excited about, since they involve art!!! 
I hope you all have a fabulous week and and stay well =)

Update: As of today(the 16th), I am feeling so much better! thank you all for the sweet comments and well wishes!!! Hugs, Laura =)