Fashion vs. Style

Fashion versus Style…

Fashion and style, like cat and dogs are two totally different things…

Fashion is exciting invigorating and it can be impersonal. You see fashion in the stores, on the runways, in the newspaper and on the magazine rack. Fashion is art. Fashion is consumer oriented. Fashion is always changing.

Style on the other hand, is personal, an artform, It is a choice, a statement, a form of creative expression. It is exciting! It needs fashion, yet can exist without it. Style is what you say to the world.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in fashion and lose out on style. To let your choices be dictated by the masses, instead of making a decision yourself.

When fashion and style merge it is amazing! Choosing the fashion you want to incorporate into your own personal style can be the most invigorating thing. Choosing the designers, you want to come back to year after year… The magazines and websites you draw inspiration from, and the boards you follow on Pinterest…

Style is something that is 100% you! Style makes you consider what is uniquely you and challenges you to bring that to the table consistently.  It’s a confidence builder and an individualizer. It’s one way you say to the world, “look out world  here I come!” without saying anything at all.

Fashion and style, walk hand in hand. Like sisters they may be related; but they couldn’t be more different.




Fall Dreams

  Fall is approaching all those in the northern hemisphere, and filling all us clothes loving people into a flutter of joy. After all there’s nothing better than lovely lush layers… Anyway I remembered this amazing editorial from The November 2004 Issue of Organic Style, It’s called Tomorrows Vintage. With their time-less pieces and how to wear them when it was published and how to wear it in 2010. Trend wise, their how to wear it in 2010 was at times rather spot on. The stylist for this editorial is Luis Rodriguez. I really love all the luxe layers and vintage feel that this editorial is full of.

 “What to Pair It with with five years from now in 2010? ‘A fake-fur hoodie’ says Rodriguez”

“What to wear with it in 2010? ‘A platinum silver mini-skirt’ Says Rodriguez”

   “What to wear them with in 2010?’A great jumpsuit, ‘ says  Rodriguez”

“What to wear with it in 2010? ‘With another evergreen-a pair of jeans,’ Says Rodriguez”

“What to wear with it in 2010? ‘A big Poufy evening dress,’ says Rodriguez”

“Here the ultrafeminine adornment is paired with a masculine tweed jacket. Expect more of the same contrasts in 2010 says Rodriguez Who sees the brooch paired with an always fresh white tee.”

“What to Pair it with in 2010?’A pure classic: The men’s-style white dress shirt.Roll up the sleeves and and turn up the collar- and you’ve got the look’ ” 

In short one of the most inspiring editorials that I have seen in along time. The vintage feel the richness… Now I want to hop on a plane and go to the British Country side and stay at an old English manor…ahhh dreams…

I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend =)

p.s. What inspires you all this Fall?

Lovely To look At

(“Mixed Prints” fave editorial from Harpers Bazaar)

I love this editorial from the August 2009 issue of Harpers Baazar It’s one of my favorite editorials every time I look at it I sigh from the pretty-ness Anyway thanks for dropping by I love hearing from you. I hope everyone has a blessed day!
– Laura post title the name of the Jerome Kern Kern song Lovely To Look At
it was originally sang in the movie Roberta from 1935; you can watch it here though I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea you can hop on over there if your interested. I love the movie Roberta it’s very charming and has the amazing Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in it. And you can watch the trailer here.