Looking Back and Looking Forward Part 1

Hey there, it’s been a while!  As promised I started to delete this site but I realized I want to blog, but not like I was before.  Fortunately I didn’t delete all the posts, just over half are deleted so I will be recapping the outfits of the posts that are now gone forever(my back-up was faulty and I didn’t know that could happen. Ignorance is not bliss…). Heads up this is a LONG post… =)


This is the third quarter of 2011 June – August

June: June 12th 2011 Wore this outfit to church the head-wrap was a hit =) Nothing quite like a headscarf…

Warm Hues

June 18th 2011, it was a Saturday And I was going to an art event I think for my brother or it was Art walk I’m not too sure but I designed this dress I was so proud of it I made it out of a man’s shirt. Alas, it wasn’t the most practical design so I only wore it one…

Little Cream Dress...


June 19th, 2012 Wore this little ensemble to church people loved it or they didn’t… The skirt was definitely polarizing (I still have it today) It was handmade 70’s piece that I found at a thrift store for a mere $4… I have as of yet  to stumble across anything quite like it. I’m sure peace loving hippie wore back in the day.

Patchwork Skirt of Awesome-ness

June 23, 2012. My favourite top at the time. I recently let it go out into the wilds of the thrift store so it can find a new home… I also was really into head scarves at the time… I was running errands so nothing beats a parking lot shoot…  =)

Crazy Cat

Crazy Cat

June 26th, 2011 Another church outfit my best friend was over whilst I took these pics and she never really saw that aspect of blogging… So it was a more fun time =)

Good Friends are Like Gold...

June 26th, 2012. More parking lot pics at the time I really couldn’t stand flip flops(still not my fave type of shoe) but… They went with the outfit and it looked like rain and I didn’t want my nice leather sandals to get drenched… Also this skirt reminded me of bubble gum which made it was fun to wear. =)


July 2, 2011 Flea market day, since my dad had a both at the flea market I as able to take some very cool after hours flea market pics against some very photogenic rusted metal siding… Very bloggerly of me 😉

Nifty Thrifty


July 2nd, 2011 Going to church in one of my favourite skirts (which I still have) It’s a Koos van Den Akker, a designer I first heard about on Sea of Shoes… Suffice it to say I wore it often… especially in 2010 and 2011…

The Sun is Shining

July 7th 2011, Headed around town in boys shorts! I was inspired by the Glamourai who had quite chicly flitted about NYC in boys shorts and heels… Not smiling and slouching I thought was rather cool back then… But my mind has changed over the years…


July 10th 2011, In my Anne of Green Gables dress that I had found at a thrift shop. I wore this to church and LOVED it. =)

Anne with an "E"

July 14th 2011, In my Prairie skirt I wanted to try out the prairie skirt look so this was my attempt I never wore anything quite like it again but it was fun earth coloured outfit to wear…

Prarie Girl

July 17th 2011, this was a most serendipitous flea market find it was only $2.. I wore this to church and felt like a boho princess I haven’t really worn it since but I still have the dress because it’s beautiful (I keep it in my vintage archive)…

Pretty in Pink

July 21st 2011, A just because I can outfit. I believed in wearing something pretty just because why not??? Still do…

Blue Waters

July 23rd 2011, I wore this right after discovering The Manreppeller a site I still love to look at now and then Leandra has a strong point of view that I respect. Anywho I was out and about in my man-repelling finest featuring no defined waist and a headscarf. My brother thought I needed a belt but I didn’t listen to him.  Also I believe this was the day I got interviewed by Creative Loafing…

Me and my Shadow

July 24th 2011, A church outfit, all dressed like a lady in one of my fave skirts I wore that skirt until it got ruined, from a stain that wouldn’t come out. Watch your foundation around silk satin ladies.
Silk and Satin Revisited

August 1st 2011, Dressed like a watermelon and loving every moment for a day with a dear friend. =) Also I had just chopped my hair shorter!!!

Shorter is Better(for me)


August 4th 2011, A slippery skirt does not, a good dress make. But I tried to make it work on that errand day at least there were no wardrobe malfunctions…

90's Florals

August 7th 2011, Sunday in a ladylike bird skirt ’twas a good day and I felt oh so so so good in this outfit. Like a lady but not too girly…


August 11th 2011 At city hall though I’m not sure why??? Was it just to take pics of the look of the day? Most likely yes… I believe in dressing up just because so wear your glittery dress during the week =)

Shimmer and Shine

August 14th 2011 I LOVE love love love this outfit it’s vintage and modern and I wore it to church the skirt was my design made with vintage fabric and it’s just so summer… sigh…


August 21st 2011, This dress is by Catherine Ogust it was originally long and then I chopped it I felt very cool in this outfit… I think I wore this to church… or was it just because….

Doodles on my Dress

August 26th 2011, Another outfit that made me feel cool, your clothes should definitely make you feel good and I felt good. Moral of the story, always wear clothes that make you feel fabulous. Always….

Summer Jacket

Summer Jacket

August 28th 2011, A beautiful kameez that I wore to church I felt very pretty that day. and people thought it was a cool dress.

Artfully Artista


Photoshoot with Love Script Photograghy

I have been absent from the blogosphere for a week I have missed you all so much. Now at last I can show you the reason why I was absent for a week! I have been making garments for my first ever collaborative shoot with my friend Stacia of Love Script Photography.

Here are a couple of my favorites!

My all time fave!!!!!
To see it all click on over to Stacia’s post, here! You don’t want to miss it!
I have come to the conclusion that modeling is hard work. Designing is so much fun and using the gifts that God has given me is such a blessing as well as working with others that use the gifts that God has given them! I am praising the Lord for giving me such a wonderful friend and opportunity! I can’t wait to do this again!!!!
Take care friends =)
Wearing in outfit 1: ArtfullyArtista by Laura Clarke cotton caftan-y dress see it in full detail here; ArtfullyArtista by Laura Clarke orange ceramic bead and chain necklace; vintage belt;tunban-y head wrap made with the sash from this dress; and various bracelets and necklaces worn as bracelets.
Outfit 2: ArtfullyArtista by Laura Clarke seersucker stripe skirt made from vintage yardage(sooo swoonworthy); thrifted denim shirt that I removed the collar and front pocket from; Patagonia sandals; Linea Pelle belt; and vintage chain necklace worn as a bracelet.
p.s. Modeling is hard… but fun! Thus far I only model my style since I am not tall enough or skinny hipped enough for regular fashion modeling. But I don’t mind not fitting the standard because I like being me. So go forth, and be ye yourself =)


This is what I wore to church today. The riotous colors and color blocking print on this skirt is incredible. I wish it went to the floor I guess I need make some more maxi skirts. I love the 70’s and felt like a 70’s prairie girl, hippie and gypsy.
I hope you all are having a blessed and relaxing Sunday!!!
Wearing: vintage cotton maxi skirt from Misred Outfitters with store credit;vintage Escada silk top; small hose clamp worn as a pendant;various assorted bracelets;vintage rings; vintage yard-saled leather backpack; and Marc Fisher shoes.