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Hey Every one!!! I’m so sorry for the lack of posts. I have had homework consuming me (midterms are coming soon…) Any way, I’m so excited to introduce my line, Not Your Boy Friend’s Shirt. It originally started out as a clothing line then I came to the realization that it would take too long to make the garments with my college studies to do to. So, Not Your Boy Friend’s Shirt became an accessories line, with a few garments thrown in.  All of the pieces are hand made by me. The textiles I use are usually recycled mens shirts and vintage and/or fabric remnants. Many of the jewelry components are from local small businesses, at the moment the hardware shop holds lots of inspiration. I hope you all stay tuned and follow me on this journey!

So the capsule collection (for lack of a better term =) is comprised of three variations of a certain chained necklace that I wear all the time…
as you can see here, here, here, here,here, here, here, and here. Yeah I wear it a lot…

Here are my two favorite variations of the necklace and how I wore them.

                                             the gold chain version
the black leather version
Check it out at my new website that is now on-line(at last)!!!!!
Sadly I don’t have international shipping up yet but it should be available in few weeks.
I hope you all are having an amazing day!!!!!!!!!!!!



Necklace hanger

   Here’s a little DIY I have been wanting to share with you all it’s a really good, very inexpensive way to store your necklaces if your jerelry box starts to get cramped and crowded.
   All you need is a plastic hanger the ones that are of regular thickness, not the skinny or the thick ones. The other thing you need is clothes pins as many as you think you need. the wonderful thing about this form of necklace storage is it’s very easily expanded. Customizable to the amount of necklaces and bracelets that you might have.

All you have to do is put the clothes pins on the  hanger like this. Hang your necklaces on and hang it up in your closet, and your good to go. Sorry the picture is blurry.

I’m glad you all like the Clear water pictures! Thank you so much for your sweet comments!!!  Well I’m off to get ready for a wedding… I hope you all are having a wonderful day!!!
                         Love ,
p.s. Big thanks to my dad for the main idea with this DIY. I just tweaked it a bit.


This DIY is super easy and all you need is a…
-dress(further explanation as you read on)
-needle and thread, that glue for hems I have no idea what it’s called or fusible webbing

-scissors that can cut fabric

1. When you select a dress for this DIY you need a dress that has a distinct waist band like this one has. If there is no distinct waistband it is not going to work. and if there is a zipper on the dress, you need to make sure that it starts where the waistband starts. If it doesn’t and starts where the bodice is (like at the neck) ,it’s not going to work. So please keep these things in mind when selecting a dress to use for this DIY. though if you happen to be very handy with a needle and thread you can tak out the zipper and replace it with a shorter one (long enough for the skirt and waistband) , that is if the zipper runs up through the bodice of the dress.

                bodice+waistband+skirt=skirt (after you take off the bodice)

After you select a dress just cut the bodice of the dress leaving enough fabric above the waistband to fold over and seam an 1in. to 1 1/2  in. should be enough.

Next fold over the fabric above the waistband  and stitch it down I used a whip stitch to sew it up but one can also use a sewing machine, fusible webbing, or hem glue. And if any of you guys want to you can leave the edges raw but make sure you use a sturdy fabric,like cotton if you want to leave the edges raw.

Now it’s ready to wear!!! Though if you use hem glue make sure it’s dry before wearing. See how I wore this lovely little skirt here.

As for the bodice you can make it into a shirt which is just as easy.Though depending on how you do it you may or may not need more sewing skills. Though
with the bodice  you can leave the edges raw trim with lace or do whatever you think of.

All I did to bodice I had left over was find matching bias binding and sew it on which is super easy you can do it by hand or machine. I did it by hand since I’m not that handy with a sewing machine (but I’m getting there).

                                            The completed project

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Also if any of you have any question about the DIY please feel free to ask via comments or email. I love hearing from you all =)

Edit: a good fusible web tape is Pellon Wonder Under find out more here and here. Happy DIY-ing =)