Sunsets, Shiney Things and Randomness

The most amazing sunset that I have seen in a long while…

Stack of bracelets from this post.

A glimpse of my sewing pile.

Vintage yardage that I am going to whip into some designs.

To the right a couple of skirts that am going to make over. To the left a couple of shirts that I am going to crop.

Owl ring from Misred and double scorpion ring from the dollar store that have been on my fingers since I bought them on Tuesday. I LOVE these rings they’re huge and so so so fun to wear. Plus they are really good conversation starters.

My favorite bags for this summer they’re all the perfect size to hold all of my stuff

  Some details; I LOVE the little painted parrot it’s so cute.

The most hilarious tongue-in-cheek word book. Being a word nerd I can’t get enough of this book and it’s chock full of fabulous Scrabble words(my favorite game).
A few of you might  have seen this post when I first posted it on Thursday then blogger went down and took the original post with it, along with several comments. So I decided to repost it.
I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend =)

A Day at the Beach

Here few pictures that I took at the beach during Spring Break. I hope you enjoy them!

  Last month during spring break, I went to the beach with some of the ladies in my family. We had a girls day, we ate, talked and took pictures. These are some of the more interesting pictures that I took. We went to Fort Desoto beach, which is full of nature and the way beaches were before people built them up. Since I love nature I had a ball and got a tan. =)
  Sadly I don’t have an outfit post yet. I am anxiously waiting for the battery charger to come in the mail, which will replace the one I have(which is broken). Hopefully it will come in the mail Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Then I’ll get going with the outfit posts(which I miss doing). Though the truth be told I haven’t worn anything very post worthy in the past week and a half, because I have been getting over a very bad cold. It was so bad that I only took note that I was wearing interesting jewelz to jazz up my half hearted ensembles. But since yesterday I have felt well enough to care. I guess all this works out well. 

Well I have to go and tackle my landslide of homework(4 weeks left=crunch time)

I hope your Sunday was a restful one.


p.s My dear friend Kat just started a blog. She’s witty lady and has a wonderful way with words. I highly recommend you check out her blog, First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage.

UPDATE: I have the battery charger and my camera’s battery is getting juiced up as I speak. So expect an outfit post in the next couple of days! 

Taking a Break

  This week I have decided to take a bit of a break from blogging for many different reasons. For one I can’t take outfit pics this week, because I pulled my Achilles tendon. I have to let it rest today because tomorrow is school as is Wednesday. And since I take my outfit pics of the outfit’s that I love the most that I wore from the previous Monday to Sunday.Sadly there will be no outfits from last week to post since I have to rest my leg/ankle. Also I sometimes really have a hard time when it comes to what I write in my post I’m not always that confident with what I write and writing is not exactly my forte but the more I write the better I get. Right? Though it doesn’t help that I feel like my own worst enemy at times when it comes to what I write for my blog.
  On another note I’m changing the direction of Not Your Boy Friend’s Shirt. I’m going to be moving more in the handbag direction though I’m going to do jewelry to. So as soon as the necklaces I have in my shop sell I will be doing a total overhaul of the website, and the things I put in it. I’m very excited!!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!!!!!!  Thank you all so much for reading, commenting, and following =)
                                                                                  Laura =)

edit: There is a surprise coming this week so stayed tuned!!! =)

10/19 Edit: Thank you all so much for all the sweet comments about my leg. I can walk on it now, though I couldn’t on Saturday and Sunday, and Monday was a bit painful. Today I feel the best. The only downside is I can’t wear heels until this week-end.But that’s all right with me. =)