Spring 2019 – Artist Statement

A new chapter in my life has opened and I’m so happy to share it with the interwebs and to all the lovely people who are reading this.

So once upon a time I started this blog in December of 2009 (almost 10 years ago…) I’ve shared many outfit ideas. Now I will be sharing my jewelry line Artfully Artista. Kicking it off with the artist statement which you can also view on my website. Without further ado, here it is!

Spring and the end of winter. A time of transition and a time to refresh your closet with all sorts of beautiful new things that make you excited for the new season and warm weather…


There are three things I looked at as I approached the design of these pieces for spring and early summer. First how you could style these pieces for this coming season. There is nothing more classic than the button down whether it’s denim or white, simple or more embellished, a good button down can do no wrong.



top- larimar, middle- blue lace agate, bottom-amazonite.

The second thing I looked at was the colors that pulled at me as a designer and colors that I know others will respond well to. I was really drawn in by blues and aqua greens with little accents of pink and smooth whites and creams which are always so classic. The stones that I will be using over the next few months are, turquoise, amazonite, blue lace agate, larimar and pink opal. I will be complimenting these stones with smooth white and cream, pearls and shells.



top – pearl, middle – shell, bottom – pink opal.

The third thing I considered was the trends that are swirling around the world both  on and off line and there are two that really caught my attention. Pearls, there will always be something special to me about pearls no matter how much they be in or out of the trending spotlight, their luminescence is beyond beautiful… The second is shells, after all shells are fun! I was up for the challenge of seeing them differently and finding a way to take them beyond what they could be and something that in some way transcends the trendy place they are at now.


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy! New pieces will be released every few weeks! You can view all the pieces here.

Images are all sourced from Pinterest and made into collages with Adobe Photoshop Express.

Break Your Style Rules

The conventional fashion rules are a thing of the past. After all who hasn’t worn white after Labor Day, black with navy or mix your metals silver with gold…

Style rules are a different thing altogether. These are the boundaries we give ourselves when we go shopping and when we get dressed. In my own life I have and had many style rules, the one that was the most fun to break was about maxi dresses. I was convinced that I could not wear them. That there was no way it would look good on someone who is just average height and has curvy hips. But that could not have been further from the truth! One day while thrifting I found the “one” a funky 70’s maxi that was perfect! It looked great and I felt wonderful. I learned one very important lesson just because I didn’t think that I could wear a maxi dress didn’t mean I could. Since then I have tried many things and have gained a new appreciation for trying new clothes, and being experimental in my style.

Now one thing I keep in mind when breaking the rules is my body shape. I believe in working with your body not against it. So here’s the basic formula for breaking your style rules… Think of one thing you avoid like the plague, maybe it’s maxi skirts. Keep it in the back of your mind when ever you go shopping or borrow something from your friend or family member. When you try it on have an open mind with an attitude of playfulness and experimentation. After all you just may find your new favorite thing to wear!