You should be able to enlarge this picture  just click on the picture. You should be able to click again to zoom in. When you look closely at the face it looks angry! I love my angry lion ring  It’s one of the most humorous pieces of jewelry I own.

So the other day I wore this to class. It was speech day in my speech class and I wanted to wear something nice. It makes it easier if you have to stand in front of other people and give a speech(something I need to improve…but I didn’t give it wearing this) And those sunnies are the funnest bits of eye wear ever. I found them at my neighbors yard sale and I had to have them and they are so fun to wear. I was wearing them while traipsing about town and this one guy was walking down the street and looked at me really funny. I had a hard time not laughing! Gotta love fun accessories!!!  Wearing: Self designed cotton crop tee  love it worn like this. last seen here, self designed glass leaf necklace better view here,  vintage sunnies & angry lion ring,dress barn trouser jeans, and chaps sandals (not seen)

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!!!! And thank you so much for dropping by =)


p.s. It’s exactly one week until it’s officially fall. I can’t wait to start layering!!!


I love this dress it’s so feminine and amazing(to me)!!! I love it!!!! I was originally going to wear it to the  quinceanera but I ended up wearing this, I’m glad I did it was more formal. Which was to my liking. Any way I ended up wearing this dress to a friend’s bridal shower brunch. It was so fun to celebrate this new and exciting stage in her life. Anyway her wedding is in two weeks I can’t wait!!! Now I have to make dress to wear to her wedding, it’s in the evening=dressed to the nines. So I will be donning a simple frock and many lovely extras so stay tuned (I should be posting the outfit in a couple of weeks)… wearing: self designed dress made of recycled materials, vintage slip,self designed  chain and shell necklace, random mother of pearl bead necklace,vintage straw clutch from the 50’s or 60’s, vintage rings, thrifted woven leather belts, and Marc Fisher heels(not seen).

Thank you all so much for stopping by!!! I hope you all had a blessed and wonderful weekend!!!

edit: I’m not going to making a dress for the wedding but I do have a pretty little frock sitting in my closet, that will work just fine. So sorry to disappoint you all. I myself am disappointed. The reason for all this is the start of school (I didn’t figure it in to my schedule.) Any way I will be doing outfit post on what I’m wearing to the wedding, so I hope you stay tuned.

The shirt Dress

I love this dress! It’s one of my more versatile designs that I have sitting in my closet. Since it works nicely as a shirt like jacket thing too. I wore it this way back in Feb/March and it’s truly a wonderful little linen shirt dress. and the coolest thing is I made it out of a ginormous mens shirt (I love to recycle textiles). I love linen and sage-y green so I thought it would work perfectly for a lovely little basic shirt dress. Also this was the first time I did set in sleeves and they fit!!! Which made me very glad when I tried it on… Wearing: self designed shirt dress,fave  vintage necklace, men’s Hanes tank I made into a slip, thrifted woven leather belt, avon ring, and Mark Fisher shoes.

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!!!!!!!!!
Laura =)

p.s. I love Charlie’s Angels I just started watching it recently and I would love to raid the wardrobe department they used for it. I love 70’s clothes…
Edit: I  love looking back in how I’ve progressed stylistically and I love seeing that in the blogs I read. It’s fun to see how we all evolve and change stylistically…
fun fact: I made this dress while watching the Olympics, twas fun =)