Fashion vs. Style

Fashion versus Style…

Fashion and style, like cat and dogs are two totally different things…

Fashion is exciting invigorating and it can be impersonal. You see fashion in the stores, on the runways, in the newspaper and on the magazine rack. Fashion is art. Fashion is consumer oriented. Fashion is always changing.

Style on the other hand, is personal, an artform, It is a choice, a statement, a form of creative expression. It is exciting! It needs fashion, yet can exist without it. Style is what you say to the world.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in fashion and lose out on style. To let your choices be dictated by the masses, instead of making a decision yourself.

When fashion and style merge it is amazing! Choosing the fashion you want to incorporate into your own personal style can be the most invigorating thing. Choosing the designers, you want to come back to year after year… The magazines and websites you draw inspiration from, and the boards you follow on Pinterest…

Style is something that is 100% you! Style makes you consider what is uniquely you and challenges you to bring that to the table consistently.  It’s a confidence builder and an individualizer. It’s one way you say to the world, “look out world  here I come!” without saying anything at all.

Fashion and style, walk hand in hand. Like sisters they may be related; but they couldn’t be more different.



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