Break Your Style Rules

The conventional fashion rules are a thing of the past. After all who hasn’t worn white after Labor Day, black with navy or mix your metals silver with gold…

Style rules are a different thing altogether. These are the boundaries we give ourselves when we go shopping and when we get dressed. In my own life I have and had many style rules, the one that was the most fun to break was about maxi dresses. I was convinced that I could not wear them. That there was no way it would look good on someone who is just average height and has curvy hips. But that could not have been further from the truth! One day while thrifting I found the “one” a funky 70’s maxi that was perfect! It looked great and I felt wonderful. I learned one very important lesson just because I didn’t think that I could wear a maxi dress didn’t mean I could. Since then I have tried many things and have gained a new appreciation for trying new clothes, and being experimental in my style.

Now one thing I keep in mind when breaking the rules is my body shape. I believe in working with your body not against it. So here’s the basic formula for breaking your style rules… Think of one thing you avoid like the plague, maybe it’s maxi skirts. Keep it in the back of your mind when ever you go shopping or borrow something from your friend or family member. When you try it on have an open mind with an attitude of playfulness and experimentation. After all you just may find your new favorite thing to wear!

I love to hear what you think!

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