Looking Back and Looking Forward Part 4

So in the last post I mentioned this is a bit of a jumble which it is. Fortunately I have a copy of the pics in my Google drive so I know the months but not the exact dates… =) So here goes…

May-December 2012

May… 2012 Wore an amazing Bob Mackie Kimono with shorts and a tank I wasn’t going anywhere special, but I believe It’s best to dress like you are.


May… 2012 A church outfit. I loved this skirt and bright colors always make me happy when I wear them =)

Artfully Artista May 2012 Tropical Brights

May… 2012 Wore this AMAZING dress to Church than to a dance performance. I love a good 70ś boho dress especially this one because itś so very sophisticated.

Free Spirited

May… 2012 Wore this one Saturday while picking up a gluten free b-day cake for mom I still wear this tunic today and I found itś sister in white. It is the most perfect thing to wear in the sweltering Florida summer… Btw this is how you pose if you have th


June… 2012 Wore this to Church… =)

Artfully Artista June 2012

June… 2012 Art Walk!!! Aren’t these chairs AMAZING! They really are fab…


June… 2012 Wore this to church. I felt so incredibly cool in this outfit! Loved it! I can’t say it enough, always wear clothes that make you feel good, because what you wear really does affect how you feel.

Pink of Perfection

June… 2012 Wore this to Church, it’s so patriotic. Theme dressing is so fun especially if it’s red white and blue =) Plus it’s from the 70’s!

That 70's Dress

July… 2012 Happy 4th! Wore this to a cook out with some friends. Though this outfit is cute, it did not feel like me…


July… 2012 Wore this to DTSP  (down town Saint Pete)… Which has a thriving mural and food scene, if you ever near be sure to check out the St Pete Mural Tours. I have heard they are great! Or wander around dawn town checking them out… They are all over.

Street Art

July… 2012 Sunday, church outfit wearing texture and soft colors… Not my usual thing. Soft colors don’t look the best on me but the skirt was pretty amazing fabric wise.


July… 2012 Party pants!!! I loved these pants they were not surprisingly, hard to wear… Just because, the print is so strong and they only looked good with heels. But it was a great outfit! I wore this to church a change from my usual skirts and dresses… it’s fun to change things up.Party Pants

August 2012, No outfit posts… This was the month I started at Aveda Institute to learn the fine art of cosmetology, if you have never been to trade school of any kind, you’ll realize how completely different it is from traditional college…

September… 2012 Back in action with a just because it’s not a school day or a Sunday outfit…

Denim Daze

September… 2012 Perhaps on of my favorite outfits ever, from this time of my life. I felt like myself… Plus it made look tall and thin, whats not to like???

Blank Canvas

September… 2012 This original post was entitled finding my voice, this is when I really truly started to get my style and wear things that were me. It was truly exciting!

Artfully Artista Finding my Voice


September… 2012 Just because I have to run errands outfit… This top was my favorite I wore it so much!

Unexpectedly Basic

October… 2012 No outfit posts from this month cosmetology school was getting intense… So instead I did a post on some earrings I had designed to wear to school. The dress code was all black which meant I could have tons of fun with jewelry.

Artfully Artista -Earring Designs

Artfully Arista Earring Designs

November… 2012 My first attempt at the Canadian tuxedo… Artfully shot by my brother…

Double Denim Sort of Day...

November… 2012 Bible study… Hats are not something I wear to much. But this time it came together quite nicely.


November…2012 I had recently run across this quote by  Coco Chanel… “Once you’ve dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.” And decided why not!

The Chanel Affect

December 13, 2012 A necklace I designed with a beautiful green agate tear drop… It paired perfectly with my favorite tropical top.

Artfully Artista Agate Teardrop Necklace

December 17, 2012 The year was winding down… So I wore this! How cool is the Nefertiti tote!


Next up 2013 and 2014…