60 Cents

Not too long ago I wore this too my brothers end of the year award ceremony at his school, having been homeschooled through high school I never went to anything like that. Out of curiosity I tagged along. This is what I wore….

 I have really been into dresses lately, though skirts will always be my favorite. Anyway I was playing around with this 70’s shirt dress that I found at my neighbors yard sale and decided to wear it as a robe/jacket thing over this little body con number that I unearthed while thrifting. It’s most definitly a match made in dress heaven =) On a side note this outfit is one of my all time favorites from the month of May.

The computer repairman is letting me keep my computer while I wait for the new screen to come, so it can be replaced. Since my screen  works it’s just that the pixels are dying so it’s just a bit annoying to see the blackness of dead pixels spread like the plague…

Happy Friday folks I hope your weekend is fantabulous!!!!!!


wearing; yard saled 70’s cotton shirt dress as a robe; thrifted burgundy body-con dress; red ring from the folk fair;scorpion ring from the dollar store;pendant from my best friend; yard-saled leather backpack; sunnies from my brother; and Marc Fisher shoes.
p.s I spent about $.60 on the dress combo hence the post title and I’m so thankful I can regularly post. Thank you all for your support and readership =)



  1. What a brilliant idea to wear the dress as a coat. It does bring the whole outfit together beautifully.
    Any reason why you were homeschooled??'.
    Much love, dear Laura.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. i think your shirt dress and how you wore it is great! i like it! and your backpack!!
    hope the graduation was a good experience for you!

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