The Birds

 Being a collector of cool skirts when I found this fun vintage wrap skirt at the thrift store I pounced on it. After all, it’s not that often that bird skirts of awesome-ness cross my path. This outfit is indicative of what I love to wear and will be wearing this summer,easy cotton and linen pieces with lots of jewelz and flats(for practicalities sake). Though I really want to get more dressy things in my wardrobe I guess I need to shop the sewing pile…

A big thank you to the lovely gal who is behind the blog, Just Another Wardrobe Experience who has given me the One Lovely blog Award.

the Rules are to tell 7 random things about myself and pass it on to 15 bloggers(I’m just going to do 4)
1. The best critters ever are cats and elephants! Though I’ll take a cat because they are clearly easier to keep in the house.
2. I’m obsessed with sunglasses.
3. I generally hate making things with paper, give me fabric any day!
4. I want to see the world, every continent except Antarctica(way too cold).
5. I love Florida’s humid summers, dry heat is so excruciating…There’s a noticeable difference when you cross the state border to Georgia(it’s so dry).
6. I have found that wearing flip flops and shorts do nothing for my morale. The shorts have to be just right(I’m rather picky) so I end up wearing dresses and skirts most of the time.
7. To be over dressed than under-dressed is the best thing ever(my mantra of sorts) and it’s pretty easy to do here is Florida.
8.(I don’t want to stop!!!) Alligators, crocodiles, and sharks are the coolest water dwelling critters ever!

Handing it off to:
1. Shevahh: a style Journal
2. Stevia of The Sweetest Escape
3. Jamillah of Made to Travel
4. Jaunette of Fashion Nette-work

I hope you all are having a relaxing Monday!!!!!


Wearing vintage thrifted bird wrap skirt; thrifted DKNY City linen shirt(so luxe); vintage thrifted and gifted bracelets and chain necklace; Sunnies from my brother;  thrifted Rattan clutch; and Patagonia sandals.
p.s. Please check out the Vedette Shapewear  giveaway. All comments with e-mail addresses are considered entries.(If you want to be included, don’t forget that step.)

 A big belated Thank You to Vivianne who runs the blog hippiebohoreloaded  for awarding me the One Lovely Blog Award as well!



  1. I wanted to tell you that I was looking thru a magazine at Borders yesterday and my fave designer Carolina Herrera has a new skirt out that is Asian inspired…its a beautiful shade of brick red with birds!! I thought of you girl! Kiah

  2. OMG Laura that bird skirt is to die for….seriously pretty amazing! I love birds! I have always wanted to fly like one! lol
    I love that oversized clutch! WOW! Your sunnies are cute too. You are just as cute as a fabulously covered button!! lol Love ya girl! Kiah

  3. Loooooove the skirt, Laura.

    Thank you so much sweetie! These awards are always so meaningful to me! I know there are a lot of blogs out there you must be reading and I'm touched and flattered that you included me.

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