Yesterday was Mothers Day and I couldn’t help but think of this skirt. Mainly because it reminds me of my late grand mother. Lately I have been missing her a lot, she died about five years ago. I know she loved a-line wrap skirts like this one. I inherited one of hers before she died but in a closet purge I ousted it from my closet(I later regretted it). Any way a few weeks ago I was thrifting and stumbled across this skirt and I thought of her. It’s a Fl brand from the 70’s, Pop-O that was based in Naples Fl. sadly I couldn’t find a thing about them on the web but when I wear it I’ll remember those fun times that I had as a little gal with my grandmother. We shopped, played dress up, went to the beach, and looked at all of her jewelz(she had a serious collection).
I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day! Enjoying the love of the ones you hold dear and remembering those who are no longer here.
Wearing: thrifted 70’s wrap skirt; 90’s silk top; vintage necklace; yard-saled leather backpack; sunnies from my brother; and Gianni Bini shoes.
p.s. I wore this several weeks ago but due to school I didn’t post it. In retrospect I think that’s a good thing, because it fits Mothers Day perfectly.


  1. Sorry to read about your grandma , i miss mine too she passed on 2008

    she was beautiful inside / out , and she loves to dress up , and there is a crazy thing which runs in family veins , everyone loves to buy clothes like loadsa of them haha

    but my grandma she has so much clothes , As we are not very rich , she normally goes for all her clothes during bargain or mark down.Some she say she will keep for special occasions , when she died..i cried looking at her wardrobe,so many pieces she never have the chance to wear. We donated most to the salvation army.

  2. Sorry to hear about your mom. I think she is happy now from where she is, and seeing you being strong and living your life with happiness. I lost my dad 2 years ago, and I miss him too.

    By the way, you look lovely in these caramel colors, the silky top is so beautiful as well as the skirt. I do own a lot of stuff from my dad and my mom too, they are the best pieces I own, hehe 🙂

  3. can i just say you have the best skirts! i love the print on this skirt soo much lol i like how you stayed with the sort tan/brown color!

  4. i'm sorry about your grandma, my paternal grandma passed away eight years ago and i still miss her all the time!

    on another note – you look beautiful!

  5. Love all the brown tones! Such a beautiful skirt and it fits your shape well. Your grandma sounds like a loving woman! I am so glad that you have all of those sweet memories to hold on to. You will see her again some day. I love how that sign says no trespassing police order…did you sneak over there you little rebel? haha Kiah

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