Even Black is Blue

Blue is one of my favorite colors, I wear it a lot. In some ways it’s my alternative to black.
I love my newly tailored vest, it’s denim(LOVE it) and it’s long which makes it more of an interesting piece for me to wear because generally speaking I like to keep my vests short. How do you like your vests, long or short?
Happy weekend everyone!!!!!
Wearing: thrifted star print vintage 50’s skirt(last seen here); Target tank top; gifted jacket that I made into a vest and tailored; crystal elephant pendant(gift from a dear friend); yard-saled bangle; vintage clutch from the flea market; thrifted belt + vintage sunnies(so 80’s); and Mark Fischer shoes.
p.s The title of this post came from the lyrics of a cute Shirley Temple song, On Account of I Love You, it was one of my favorite songs as a child.

edit: I just thought of how amazing this skirt would look with my crinoline…I must give it a try sometime.



  1. first of all, I love finding Floridian bloggers 🙂 and very stylish and creative ones too! I think the length of your vest is perfect; I'm short so I have quite a hard time wearing vests (and anything else too! blah) and your skirt is lovely!

    PS- I love Jesus too! :)))



  2. Laura that skirt is the BOMB DIGITY girl!! The fit and length is perfect on you!! I love the fullness of it! WOW I like my vest long or short I guess it just depends on what I'm pairing it with! Love yours. What a fabulous 80's color of denim! Kiah

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