Silk Society

I love this outfit! I wore it to school about a week ago. Sadly layers of silk do not breathe like cotton(a gals best friend in horrendous heat and humidity).Not to mention it has that bohemian feel that I love so much(with a hint of the 90’s).
In other news I am done with regular classes and in six days I have my exams. I’ll be so happy when I am 100% free (until fall). I can finally get  back to life and start thinking clearer. School has muddled my my brain a bit;though most likely it’s been a lack of sleep. So all fellow college students, I hope you do well on your exams =)
I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!!!

wearing: thrifted silk dress(I shortened it) and vintage mens shirt(last seen here),vintage thrifted gold belt; thrifted 70’s tote; Matt Bernson sandals,vintage gifted and thrifted jewelz; and sunnies from my brother.


  1. I LOVE SILK!! I love how it flows. I have so many silk things but like you said…when it is hot… silk is really not your friend! haha You look great in brown girl! I love the print on the shirt…yes, very bohemian indeed! The sandals and belt just pull it all together! I will pray for you during this stressful time. I know you will do well on your exams! MUAH, KIAH

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