Keeping it Easy (during the last minute rush)

So I mentioned in the previous post that I wouldn’t be posting until next week unless a miracle happened. Well I applied myself, and my homework is getting done far quicker than I anticipated(perseverance pays off). So I decided to do a quick little post. I have missed blogging so much…

My favorite thing about this dress is that it’s so long I have to hold it up when going up stairs so I don’t trip on it.

I love this dress! It’s long and so easy to wear. I wore it to school a couple of weeks ago. It’s so indicative of what I’ve been wearing to school of late. Easy-peasy layers, dresses, shorts, loose tops and all that jazz.

Well I need to go and work on some more homework… I have nine days left of the semester, I’m in count down mode. I’m so excited that it’s almost done!!! I have a giant,as in 40-something item pile(I counted it all) of sewing to tackle this summer. I can’t wait to have at it, I miss sewing so much…

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Easter =)


Wearing: Vintage 70’s maxi, perhaps better belted. But I wasn’t liking how the belt looked. Last seen here.; Vintage, thrifted, eel skin, lady bag; gifted, thrifted, and garage-saled jewelz; Sunnies from my brother; Matt Bernson sandals, the best sandals ever! I’ll have to get better pics of them.



  1. congrats on getting your homework done – it is a miracle at least for me it would be. I hate homework:( anyway more about that amazing dress! I love it! Like you saw in my last post I really love anything flowy – I just think it makes all girls feel ten times prettier!

  2. That dress is so incredible! LIke the person above me said, very hippy! You should add some sort of crazy belt in the middle and get some feather earrings. Then you're all set for some Coachella fun…although Coachella is done, but there's always next year.

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