Bloggers Unite: What I Wore

 At last I have a picture of me crossing the street…Ever since Rumi did it I’ve wanted one too.

I love shadows and the funny expression on my face.
This is what I wore to Bloggers Unite. It was an awesome event!!! I got to meet a bunch of Fl gals with so much style! For the event I decided that I had to wear something that reflects my philosophy when it comes to dressing. Which is, re-wear,concoct and create. So I re-wore concocted and created… I started with a foundation layer of a strapless silk top that I made out of a dress; then added a crinoline(new fave garment). Next I took one of my favorite skirts(seen here and here) that I had shortened and put it on top of the crinoline. Next took that strip from shortening the skirt &; wrapped it on top of the strapless top. I tied it all together with a vintage leather belt.  This really is one of my favorite outfits, that I have worn out and about.  Which made me realize that the world is your runway and that you have to rock what you wear.

In other news, the semester is almost done. I have about two and a half weeks left. So I’m rushing about, drawing, studying and painting. I’m definitly looking forward to my break…

Take care guys =)


p.s.  When I can weasel out the time I will be sharing more from that wonderful night. So stay tuned. =) Plus my outfit above epitomizes my love of square dancing skirts and Indian(India) skirts. Totally win win when it comes to my closet obsessions. Anyone else have closet obsessions?

Accessories: vintage jewelz; self designed bead and chain necklaces; 70’s clutch; and Patagonia flat sandals(flats are great for the evening because they’re so unexpected).



  1. WOW Laura!! You really are talented. I love love love this! The idea of making my own clothing just makes my heart skip a beat! I have never learned to sew! My closet obsession is nothing exciting…its “BLACK”!! lol I have so much black its frightening! haha You look fantastic girl! Kiah

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