In a Denim Daze

 The day the camera battery died, just before I  got sick. I was surprised when I found this picture,I didn’t think it had made it…

        But since I love this outfit so much I had to recreate it and show you all.

                 Plus I totally love my supremely short tresses…It’s very 1920’s.

                                 Being goofy is good for the soul =)

Thank you all for sticking with me! & new followers for following! You all are a great encouragement. and we all need encouragement =)
Also I am at last pretty much well,…I just have to get my voice back to normalcy, and get rid of the remnants of a cough.
In other news, I love denim! I never really thought I would love denim as much as I do. I guess I grew into it. Most of my life I stayed away from denim & as a child there was only one pair of jeans that would do. No others could compare… Now I’m all grown up and I love it. It’s always funny when that happens. My infatuation for denim is so deep that I have a mens denim suit from the 70’s, that I’m going to alter and wear come fall/winter(It’s so perfect!).

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!!! Stay well!!!


wearing: thrifted,vintage anchor print dress that I shortened, last seen here(it’s backless); thrifted denim vest; random assortment of bracelets(a couple are gifts from pals);vintage ring;yard saled vintage leather backpack(it’s a staple); and Marc Fisher sandals



  1. The short tresses definitely brought back the 1920's vibe! I love that you paired your pretty dress with this amazing tresses. Definitely a great job in picking out this outfit. You look great! 🙂

  2. Goof away hun! Love it when bloggers have a little fun with their work…it really conveys a positive light message to your readers 😀 Totally digging the vest btw, I can see it going all through the season right into fall! Great finds, thanks for sharing!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  3. I really like how graphic the pattern on your dress is. While I can support your love of denim, I think that's one of the fabrics I am never going to be able to pull off myself. (:

  4. Oh! Such awesome pretty shoes 🙂 I'm looking for ones very similar, but in wedge form. I love strappy heely things, though it is more of a newfound love 🙂

    <3 Lea

  5. There's my little DIVA!! Hi friend..I missed you!! I love this outfit. I love denim jackets and vests. Your dress is so fun. I love NAVY! The shoes just pull it all together. I wish I could wear short hair. It is so bomb but my face is too wide for it. Love ya girl, Kiah

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