A Day at the Beach

Here few pictures that I took at the beach during Spring Break. I hope you enjoy them!

  Last month during spring break, I went to the beach with some of the ladies in my family. We had a girls day, we ate, talked and took pictures. These are some of the more interesting pictures that I took. We went to Fort Desoto beach, which is full of nature and the way beaches were before people built them up. Since I love nature I had a ball and got a tan. =)
  Sadly I don’t have an outfit post yet. I am anxiously waiting for the battery charger to come in the mail, which will replace the one I have(which is broken). Hopefully it will come in the mail Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Then I’ll get going with the outfit posts(which I miss doing). Though the truth be told I haven’t worn anything very post worthy in the past week and a half, because I have been getting over a very bad cold. It was so bad that I only took note that I was wearing interesting jewelz to jazz up my half hearted ensembles. But since yesterday I have felt well enough to care. I guess all this works out well. 

Well I have to go and tackle my landslide of homework(4 weeks left=crunch time)

I hope your Sunday was a restful one.


p.s My dear friend Kat just started a blog. She’s witty lady and has a wonderful way with words. I highly recommend you check out her blog, First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage.

UPDATE: I have the battery charger and my camera’s battery is getting juiced up as I speak. So expect an outfit post in the next couple of days! 



  1. Beautiful pictures Laura. I love to marvel at God's creation. The water picture is my favorite and I also like the one of the little birdie. My daughter loves birds! I can't wait to see your cute little face and your super fly outfit when you get your battery. Muah, Kiah

  2. These are beautiful photos. I'm so sad that in Oregon, where I live there are only rocky cold beaches. Which are lovely in their own right, but nothing like this.

    Cute blog 🙂

    <3 Lea

  3. oh girl, i miss the beach like a crazy person. siiighhhh…looks like the perfect conditions for a ladies' day.

    p.s- i totally feel you on not having inspiring outfits. i take a picture actually every morning before heading out the door, then screen my pics. 90% of the time i'm just shaking my head. i often wonder if a lot of bloggers are wearing their outfits in their real life.

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