Spring Forward

  It’s that time once again for us folks in the U.S. of A to turn our clocks forward. I hope no one else got as confused with the time change as I did. it’s just one of those days… But when the day starts out confusing there is nothing else to do but wear brights… So I dragged out my super bright  silk skirt, and threw on my new denim shirt(Yay for Yard sales!!!) and went to church.

Happy Sunday Everyone or Monday if your on the other side of the world…!!!!


wearing: thrifted; vintage silk dress that I made into a skirt read all about it here; 90’s denim shirt and leather backpack I found at my neighbors yard sale; sunnies from my brother(I got tired of the sun in my eyes);random vintage bracelets; and Marc Fisher shoes.

p.s. Spring break was so nice, it was rather relaxing to not have to worry about class and such. I also took  a break from posting  because I was sort of uninspired, but now I feel revitalized. Breaks are definitly a good thing.



  1. gawsh!! i totally want to rock a shirt with the open cut on the shoulder situation, but i haven't found one that has worked on me yet. hmmm…maybe i diy on a find from goodwill thrifting to craft one that works.

  2. i love the cut out in the denim shirt – so cool!

    also, sounds like you had a fun break, it's good to take it easy every once in a while!

  3. Oh my gosh! That skirt is to DIE for! I absolutely love it. And it's always nice to take a break from studying/blogging/whatever for a while – you come back revitalised and inspired! 🙂


  4. Um where did you get that top??
    Did you cut out the shoulders like that..I have been dying to find one of those tops/make it!!
    Love this whole outfit…you are definitely lokin' like spring!

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