I love this dress! It’s just so perfect, and when it gets wind blown I swoon… Anyway I’ve gotten a tad bit tired of skirts and pants are uninteresting at the moment. So that leaves me with dresses, fortunately I have a bunch but the only one that made me jump with joy is this one, last seen here. It’s amazing what a haircut and different accessories can do to a dress, it totally changes the feel!

I hope you all had a lovely Sunday and a relaxing weekend!


wearing: thrifted 70’s clutch and dress; Linea Pelle belt; vintage ring; and Gianni Binni shoes.

p.s.If you would like you can check out the extra strangely lighted
/over exposed pics on Facebook. Also I have spring break! I’m so excited to take a small break from school.



  1. its amazing how much trendy things you can find at a thrift store isn't it…but we realy should stop telling pple about thrift stores because everyone shops there now. we should keep the secret to 0urselves and say its a d&g dress or something. lol, or i guess not.

  2. I've been at your blog for a while now, but never gotten around to comment on any of them.. so did I ever tell you how adorable you are? I totally love your blog, and the colors you wear just put me in such a good mood all the time 🙂 Can't wait for you next post!

    xoxo Tami at

  3. Laura! I am loving your haircut and that pretty pretty dress! It's such a perfect length and I love the way it swishes around in the wind. And yay for spring break!


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