Sunny Days and Starry Nights

 We all go though times when we stare in aggravation at our closet and wonder why everything looks so dull. We have the sudden urge to shop and/or make something new. But if time and money are not around(at the moment I’m low on both) There’s not much else to do but shop the closet. So closet shopping it was.

    I wish you guys could see the fabric of this skirt, it’s covered in little stars, very patriotic…

   My foray into closet shopping went something like this… I stoppped and stared and looked half heartedly at what my closet had to offer. Then all of a sudden I look at something, a pretty something I kind of forget, it peeked out amongst everything. I grab that garment and looked around and found  something I had secretly been longing to wear and BAM!!!  an outfit is born… This is pretty much how this outfit came to be. After all *closet fever is no fun…when you have it, do you shop your closet?
I’ll have to admit I rarely closet shop. But it’s something I want to do more often(it’s fun and wallet friendly).

 In other news I chopped of my hair!!! If you follow me on twitter or facebook you might have seen it(down), if not you can take a look here on my facebook page. Also one of my friends just started blog very recently it’s so inspiring please do check it out @  And midterm madness is over…

Happy Wednesday all!!! Thank you so much for being here even when school keeps me super busy!!!


wearing: thrifted handmade cotton 50’s skirt($1 I couldn’t believe it!),Linda Allard for Ellen Tracy silk blouse from Misred that I cropped, Various vintage jewelz,thrifted vintage straw clutch, vintage belt, sunnies from my brother, and Marc Fisher sandals.
  *it’s like cabin fever but it’s with your wardrobe.

 p.s. I can’t believe it’s already March time sure flies…



  1. As a swede I have to love this colour combo! 🙂
    (The swedish flag is blue and yellow)
    I love, love, love the straw clutch! Hoping to find something similar for this summer.

    Have a great day!

  2. Love the 50s vibe of this whole look and also the yellow and blue combo! The straw clutch completed the whole outfit too.

    I closet shop most of the time and there really are hidden treasures inside your closet. 😉

  3. The skirt and clutch caught my eye immediately and of course they are vintage! lol!!! I know March is here but I can't wait for it to be MAY!

  4. Wow! Just checked out your pics…you sure did cut your hair! 🙂 Looks good. I've been shopping in my closet lately too…but I don't think I've been as successful in my finds as you are! Love this outfit, definitely reminds me that summer is on its way!!

  5. I love this skirt! At 1st sight, I thought it was covered in polka dots, but as I read further, I see it's stars!!!! Which makes it much more special. And that CLUTCH!!
    Oh Em Gee!!!


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