I’m so sorry for the  slowdown in posting, school is consuming my life and taking all my time. I know when spring break comes I’ll gladly pounce upon the free time. A break is always a good thing.

  So this weekend I was wanting to wear a dress but not too inspired by the ones in my closet(at the moment, I’m not in a dress mood).So I wore a skirt because I’m a total skirt freak! I hunt for them while shopping, I dream of them while looking at my fabric and (usually) wear them every week.  All because I love the versatility offered by this ideal garment. Skirts stimulate my creativity and even more importantly can be chameleons of the closet. Like this skirt, it’s right up there next to my Koos skirt in the favored place of the closet. I love it because it can change in the feel,  in this case it feels very dress-like. 

  On anther note, Summer is in the air!!! It’s not even March! I wish I could send some of the heat up to you guys who are in the colder climates. I’ll gladly take a bit of your chilly weather. With this change of weather there comes change of wardrobe, I’m planning to wear lots of loose airy silks, loads of cotton and a good dose of linen.

Take care guys =)

wearing  thrifted vintage skirt that I reworked aka gave a new life; thrifted silk vintage mens shirt; vintage jewelz; 70’s leather tote; and Gianni Bini shoes



  1. You look cute!
    School always take most of our time but I think your readers will understand and keep waiting! This is my first time here, and I had a great time 🙂

    clara x

  2. nicely done! the shirt n the necklace too… plus, we usually do patterned skirt and plain top but you have done the opposite and it looks great! we shall try it too..:)

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