The Perfect Skirt

This skirt is my all time favorite!!! I know I post  outfits with  it a lot(this is outfit #5). But the way it always looks different(but the same) really gets me. It’s definitly  something I reach for when I have no clue what to wear. Also because it goes that it goes with so many of shirts makes it the perfect piece.

  So this time I paired it with black and brown, something I have never done  before and it looks much different than it does when I wear it with color as you can see here, here and here. In my book this skirt wins the most versatile garment award! 
  Lately I’ve been thinking that I need to shake things up with my wardrobe and wear somethings that you all have never seen before. I post outfit’s that I find most interesting that I’ve worn during the week. Some weeks,like this one, are rather dull. So this weekend while I’m out and about I’ll be making an effort to reach into the depths of my closet and get my self out of the wardrobe doldrums. After all what fun is there in getting dressed when one does not wear something new….
I hope you all  have a wonderful week-end!!!! 
wearing: Vintage Koos Van Den Akker skirt; Target T; fave leather belt;random jewelz; sunnies from my brother;bag from Kohls;and Gianni Binni shoes.

p.s I want to thank Kavery for telling me about my fraternal skirt twin Che over at Dressing Up For Me. Check it out here!!!



  1. I have a skirt just like that….my gray and black striped french connection mini.

    They are so versatile and never let you down, gotta love these skirts. 🙂

    You are looking beautiful…..the brown you have chosen to combine with black is beautiful and they make the whole outfit tie in nicely.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

  2. Oh, I love your skirt too! About a week ago I almost buy a skirt with a colorful rosette print but I already have a lot of floral prints in my closet and so this time I stop myself from buying it (but it was hard not to.;)

    You´re right, we´re fraternal skirt twins or make that outfit twins because I´m wearing a v-neck top too! 🙂

    Happy Sunday, laura!

  3. What a pretty skirt! I'd wear it all the time if I were you, too 🙂 it's the perfect length. I've been having wardrobe doldrums lately too, hence the lack of outfit posts for the past few weeks.


  4. a bit of make up would work wonders for you…..your style unfortunately goes down the drain due to the fact that you have absolutely nothing on your face…you'll be surprised at the wonders of a little lip balm

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