Wool Stripez

  It’s been less than sunny this past week here in the sunshine state, and in Florida during the winter that can only mean one thing. We’re getting a blast of arctic air.
The nice thing about this, is that all of us Fl folks who love wool, leather and furs have a chance to wear them with out melting in the heat, a very unpleasant feeling… So I took advantage of the chill in the air and decided to wear this last week. I love the 70’s-ness of this wool skirt and though it looks too fussy with most shirts, it looks perfect with a black t.
    Well I have to go and work on a self portrait(it’s due Wed.),it’s so fun to see yourself take shape in front of your own eyes. Anyone who can draw and hasn’t made one should give it a try!
I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday!!!
wearing: thrifted 70’s wool skirt(I found it for $.50 one of my best skirt buys ever), h&m T (gift),vintage jewelz,Sunnies from my brother,bag from Kohls,and Gianni Bini shoes.


  1. While you're wearing wool skirts we're wearing down jackets 😉 This is adorable….I'm wondering if I've inspired you to wear stripes!!! Would love to see your self portrait when you're done. Hope you're having a great weekend!

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