It Gets Better with Age

                  A glimpse of my dad,in these awesome mirrored windows…

   I love this vintage Levi’s jacket it’s so insanely perfect it goes great with other denim(of the dark and refined variety) And just looks so good with so many of my skirts and dresses. The best part is as it ages it gets better! Any way I wore this while scouting out a building for a homework assignment and I gotta say I prefer erring on the side of being dressed up while doing homework than plodding about in jeans.Though when I find more perfect pairs of jeans and pants I might be doing more posts of me in pants/jeans.
 Anyway I’m looking forward to this weekend, and whittling down my pile of home work and maybe making a small dent in my sewing. 
I hope you all have a relaxing marvelous weekend, that’s not too full of homework, housework, or any work =)
p.s. I’m currently craving Indian skirts and this is the closest I got to it. But if you want to see a fabulous lady rock these skirts. Check out Zarna’s blog,Zarnas Runway, she’s fabulous!!!  
wearing: Thrifted, cotton boho beach skirt(that I shortened) and leather belt; vintage, jewelz and bag; random sunnies; Converse for Target cowl tank; and Gianni Bini shoes.


  1. Your outfit is so classy. And those shoes are incredibly attractive.
    However, I think the best part of these pictures may be your Dad's sweater. It's awesome, from what I can see of it.

  2. I've been on the hunt for a jacket like that, yours is lovely and it is true that they get better with age. And the pattern on that skirt is gorgeous, the whole outfit is very nice.

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