This is what I wore to church the other day, I was feeling kind of sick of monotonous color pallets and decided that it would be fun to get gussied up and wear teals and tans offset with gold and silver. And at last I get to debut the much sought after vintage eel skin bag that I mentioned several posts back, it’s the perfect accessory that makes an outfit feel more ladylike.
  This skirt is one of my faves! It was one of the first cool old vintage skirts that I found when I rediscovered thrifting a few years ago. It was originally mid-calf length and the pleats were twice as wide(so 70’s) so I shortened it, re-pleated and put it back together. It will always be one of those super special pieces that marks a new era in my wardrobe, when I started to rediscover my style.

I hope you all are having a fabulous Tuesday!!!

wearing: re-worked vintage skirt; thrifted silk blouse;vintage, metal belt,necklaces,&eel skin bag; and random sunnies from my brother.



  1. that alteration sounds really intense to me! Re-pleating seems like an endeavor for someone with a lot of patience and a knack for ironing 😀

    I just love the rich teal of that blouse–it suits you perfectly!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog again! It means a lot to me 🙂


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