Green Paisely is a Joy to Wear

This is the 70’s dress that I mentioned in the previous post and it seriously is so fun to wear! I wore this  to school the day I got the dress and didn’t feel at all out of place in a sea of fellow students clad mostly in jeans and T’s and hoodies or something along those lines(it’s the local uniform…)

  I love this dress!!!! Fortunately it’s been really warm so I ended up wearing this last week to school, since I couldn’t wait to wear it. It was a welcome break from the jeans and tops I generally wear(for conveniences sake), quite often with a denim jacket(usually Levi’s) thrown on. And there is nothing more romantic than the wind gusting one’s skirt about. Nor anything more old fashioned than holding one’s skirt clear of one’s feet so as not to fall flat on one’s face. And it is fun to excessively use the pronoun, one..

  Lately I’ve been thinking about my style and how I would define it. And I would have to say sophisticated bohemian. Some outfits are more bohemian, like this one, but others are definitely more sophisticated and lady-like. The thing I love most about style, is it’s always morphing and changing. Since it’s an expression of who we are, and as we keep on changing, then what we wear reflects that, which truly is a beautiful thing.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend full of fun and laughter!!!!!


wearing: thrifted;70’s maxi dress ,70’s leather tote bag, and belt; vintage sunnies and necklace; Target denim jacket and Chaps sandals.


  1. Gorgeous look on you, Laura! I love the bright colors…this is definitly a fun, “spring is in the air” kind of dress.
    Missing you,

  2. Oh what a beautiful dress, I know what you mean about the feeling of the wind blowing your skirt or hand it up from the floor, oh I'm looking forward to Summer now xxx

  3. Hey! I like this new layout. I LOVE love this outfit…definitely my style. Would love to borrow that necklace…and the bag too! 🙂 Thanks for all of your support on my projects! Hope you're well 🙂

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