Red Leopard Day

So on Sunday afternoon I went up to my Gramma’s and managed to to take a few outfit pics. As always, I’m in love with all the light and shadows. And the glimpse of real(not built up) Florida in the background is always a breath of fresh air for me.
  Since it’s been kinda cold I decided to don one of my favorite red wool coats. I always feel a bit like a cardinal when I wear it, which is a always a good thing.

Happy Wednesday Guys!!!


wearing: vintage wool coat that I redesigned; vintage necklaces and silk leopard blouse;random bracelets; Yvos trouser jeans; Kohls bag; and Gianni Bini shoes

p.s. I just went thrifting and got some amazing things, among them an amazing 70’s maxi that I will be doing a post on next week, so stay tuned!  Also I’m wondering if any of you know what phrase I drew the name of my title from.
   Update:  Ariel got the phrase right, ‘red letter day’.  I definitely recommend you all check out her blog it’s full of art and color and is one blog that I enjoy immensely. Check out her blog here.



I love to hear what you think!

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