Tarpon Springs Part 2: At the Sponge Docks

The thing Tarpon Springs is known most for Is it’s natural sponges. They grow off the gulf coast of Fl. These sponges are gathered by hand and The main hub of things in Fl ,is at Tarpon Springs. Many of the Spongers are Greek and from a long line of people that have harvested these creatures for many many years. And though the Sponge docks is am major tourist hot spot, in the midst of it all you will see real working sponge boats and families that have made a living off this for several generations.

Sponges drying, they are so cool!!!
…and some for sale.
several of the boats had sponges drying from them.
…a Florida sign for sure.
  Here is the last bit of pics from Tarpon Springs. Though I love fashion I absolutely love to blog about my favorite state,Florida.
  Thank you all do much for the sweet comments!!! My family and I are recovered(at last=) from our sickness. I hope you all have a wonderful week =)


  1. oh WOW, I didn't know about sponge harvesting and drying much, this is so interesting, and thank you for sharing this dear, I would so love to know more about Florida

    Enjoy your day dear


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