Spun Gold on a Gray Day

Today was one of those gray, slightly rainy Florida days. So what better to wear than a beautiful spun gold dress…

There is nothing better than a smile on a rainy day, and sunglasses of course are optional…
   Any way when I found this dress at the thrift store a few weeks ago it was perfect! When I put it on and knew it was a keeper. I couldn’t help but think of the song I Feel Pretty from West Side Story. And you know, if that song comes to mind you(I) gotta get it. Upon closer inspection I figured out that this dress is actually a kameez  a tunic that is worn in South Asia. I highly recommend checking out Leia’s blog. She wears them traditionally(with a twist) so beautifully.
  Any way this brings me to another thing I have been contemplating for a while… Change of style… I’m definitely going to embrace whole heartedly A-line dresses. because as much as I love wasp waisted looks I really want to change things up. Because style is all about change, yet it has its constants…
   I have some really good news too, my line is now going to be sold at my friend’s store Misred Outfitters, I mention them a lot… And I will be working on many new pieces. and perhaps starting an Etsy shop?…
   I know this year is going to be a good one. with a lot of change, I’m so very excited!!! =)

I hope you all are enjoying the first few days of this new year!!!


wearing: thrifted handmade kameez; vintage slip; vintage, necklace and chain necklace worn as a bracelet; DIY belt bracelet; Gianni Binni shoes; thrifted vintage bag; and sunnies from my little brother.



  1. That is one amazing dress/ salwar kameez, and you look radiant babe

    I'm so happy for your line and can't wait to see your future endeavours

    All the BEST to you my dear friend


  2. Oh wow! I love how you're wearing the kameez as a dress. It's so pretty and looks really comfy, too! And thanks for the mention, darling <3
    I totally agree that changing up one's style and experimenting is a good idea! 😀


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