Plushy Bear Coat

The year is almost over!!!!!!! I’m so excited for 2011 I cannot wait to see what will happen!!! 2011 will defintly be a whole new adventure, and I can’t wait to embark on it. Any way Sunday was one of those blustery days so in the morning I wore this little outfit with a black teddy bear faux fur coat I got from my dear friend Sara @ Misred.  It was really blustery that day in half of the pics we took I have the strangest expressions on my face, that I blame on the wind. Which made it even colder…

Any way I hope You dear readers have a wonderful day!!!! And a happy New Year =) 


wearing:vintage teddy bear faux fur coat(gift), vintage Koos Van Den Akker skirt, vintage silk blouse,Gianni Bini shoes, Kohls bag, fave leather belt, necklaces(gift).

p.s I just got a vintage eel skin tote just what I wanted!!! Yay for thrift stores the place I get most everything except for shoes…



  1. Laura
    Oh, how I have missed you…

    Happy new year dear, may Love & Happiness be poured abundantly for you and your loved ones this year

    Love, Hugs and Kisses

    PS: LOVE that coat, it sure looks warm and snuggly, xoxo :))

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