Blustery Day

Hi all!!! I hope you had a wonderful blessed Christmas!!! I know I did.
   Any way it’s the day after Christmas and with it came a cold front freezing my little corner of the sunshine state. Since it’s now freezing in Florida I had to drag out my fur coats. But I certainly don’t mind. It’s nice that the sweltering heat and high humidity had taken a vacation I’ll take any opportunity to dust off my furs and show them some sun. This particular fur used to be my grandmothers. I got it many years ago before she passed on. Several years ago I almost purged it from my closet but I realized before it was too late that I couldn’t part with such a wonderful memento that will always remind me of my grandmother.  So now it hangs in my closet and waits for the cold to descend upon Florida so I can wear it.

  On a non clothing related note  I went to Olive Garden for an afternoon meal with my family and got this really yummy braised beef tortelloni. because I love to eat as much, as I love to play with my clothes…

Happy Sunday!!!!


wearing: vintage faux fur coat, champagne silk top, Dressbarn trouser jeans, Gianni Binni shoes,vintage rings, self designed clutch I love florals in the winter, sunnies from my brother, necklaces that I got for Christmas(better pics in an upcoming post).

A big thanks to my dad for all my outfit pics =)



  1. Happy New Year!!! It felt good to know I'm not the only one who could do a little better in the “good-friend” department. Thanks for sharing that with me. I hope you had a great start to the new year and that you're enjoying the first few days. I LOVE your glasses in these pictures! I had similar ones…but just recently broke them, so I'll have to find a new pair. 🙂 Talk soon!

  2. I am so glad you have decided to keep this coat, it is delightful and please take it from me when I say it is very very hard to find such a beautiful a vintage fur coat.

    I look at your photos and always become wistful, wish I could live in Florida. 🙂

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

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