Artistic/Smitten with Sweaters

Some times I wish I could give my post three titles(with out it seeming excessive). l because if I were to add one more it would be Skirts that Poof. Anyway Sunday morning and early afternoon was perfect weather-wise. Which gave me the perfect time to pair this sweater which I can’t believe I almost ousted it from my closet. With a cotton beach skirt (That I doubt  I will ever wear to the beach.)  My dad who is my photographer thought that we should go explore different places to do our photo shoot.  The fire hydrant and sign were it, this time. It was so fun and the pictures turned out so well. I’m so thankful my dad likes to do new things and keep on being artistic.

wearing: thrifted cotton beach skirt that I shortened, off the shoulder sweater a friend gave me, DIY belt bracelet, vintage ring, thrifted leather belt, Kohls bag, Gianni Bini shoes.

One of my favorite accessories is this bracelet that I made out of an old snake skin belt and it’s super easy to make all you need is belt thats too small then you wrap it around your wrist a few times then you buckle it, and you have a new bracelet. I’ve been dying to wear this bracelet. I have had it for several years but I can’t just put something into an outfit because I want to wear it. It has to flow all together.
I have now been blogging for 1 year and I am so thankful for all you sweet readers that have  been reading. You have really has made this year a good one!!!! Thank you so much!!!
I hope you all have a blessed day!!!!! And thank you so much for reading!!!!!

Love, Laura



  1. You look so cute!! I love this outfit with it's wintery/bohemian style. Your outfits have been adorable(especially lately). Hope all your exams go well and have a great day!
    Love, Cami

  2. Hi Sweetie :), I love the unique combo of off the shoulder sweater and that amazing skirt!!!, and how creative you are, that belt/ bracelet concept is brilliant, keep on posting sweetheart and Happy Blogversary 🙂

    Love, Hugs and Kisses

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