Art Show

So  Friday I went to my very first art event  and I was very blessed to have my  necklaces at the event. Since it was just before my Birthday I wanted to treat myself to something. Since I can’t afford shoes I decided to make the dress I have been dreaming of since June. This dress was it. Since school was out for a very extended weekend due to Thanksgiving. I had time to make me this dress. I still have some tweaking a and finishing work to do but it is such a soft silk. I love the luxe feel.And it was perfect to wear to my first art event
My necklaces displayed @ the art show. 
I really had a fun time at the art event I met up with my friend Sam who I haven’t seen in such a long while. We hung out and talked and met new people and saw a fashion show, with a burlesque flavor. I met the artist behind the fashion show Frank Strunk III. He makes his garments out of of metal and they are truly works of art.  I really love the corsets and corset belts he designs and makes I would love to wear one with silk of course. Check out his website here.
I hope you all have an amazing weekend !!!!!
Love you =),

wearing: Silk dress I designed and made me for myself for my birthday using a recycled mens shirt, self designed turquoise fringe necklace with a vintage necklace on top, self designed clutch,faux coral ring from the Folk Fair and Gianni Binni shoes.
p.s I remember several years ago contemplating the idea of only wearing clothes I design and make. Then deciding that I never could. I love shopping way too much too only wear the clothes I make. Though it was fun to wear an outfit that I designed and made a majority of. I could never do it all of the time.


  1. Your dress is so gorgeous, it would be perfect for a Canadian summer. And I know maybe the necklace was not designed with the dress in mind. But they could not have been more perfect for each other.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

    P.S: What did you get inspired to make after seeing those flamenco inspired photos on my blog? I was just curious. 🙂

  2. Soooo pretty! And your pics all look gorgeous too! This is definitly one of my favorite posts. Have a great day!
    Love, Cami

  3. Thank You J!!! =) I am definitely hoping to do something like that in the future. But I have to get college out of the way. So Until then I really want to hone my accessories designing and making skills.

  4. Oh my…….this dress has got to be my favourite, I LOVE it so much, the cut, the drape, the print, babe, you should set up a shop selling your own clothing designs, LOVE LOVE LOVE it soooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!


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