So today I am now 20 years old. I feel so old(but not) yet I know I’m rather young it definitely is a tad bit surreal to know that I’m two decades old. 
 So last year on Black Friday I went thrifting, and found this DVF silk dress.
It has sat in my closet for a year. So last night I chopped 6 inches off,
because I knew I would never wear it at ankle length.
I figured it was the perfect birthday dress.
Wearing: DVF silk dress that I shortened, self designed turquoise fringe necklace,
layered with vintage necklace, bronze clutch that I got for my 18th b-day from one of my best friends. It used to be a handbag but I took the handle off and sewed a few stitches and made it into a clutch, Marc Fisher sandals.
I hope you all had an amazing weekend and that all stateside readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving! =)
Laura =)

p.s. I will be be doing a lot more posts this week. I had an amazing birthday weekend and wore many a pretty dress and had such a good time hanging out with friends and family.



  1. Happy 20th Birthday dearest Laura, May all your wishes come true, and seriously, I love the length of your dress now, it would look so frumpy were it at ankle length, you did brilliant babe

    Much Much Love and Many Kisses
    xoxo :))

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