Charlies Angel

Gotta love it when people awkwardly stare at me whilst picture taking ensues. I have the hardest time ever not laughing!
This clutch is my new favorite bag. It’s so easy to dress up and down. And top it off it’s from the 70’s an era I can’t get enough of. When I saw it, I thought of Charlie’s Angels and the fabulous bags they carry around.Then when I saw that it was dollar I had to have it.After all there is nothing better than thrift stores half off days.
My hair just won’t stay off my face…
Wearing: Vintage DVF shirt I can’t get enough of it, the print it’s amazing!!!, Dress Barn trouser jeans, Chaps sandals, 70’s clutch and necklace from the craft store.
And now, the winner Of the CSN giveaway is Nadia Aboulhosn
Happy Friday!!!!!
Edit(p.s.): I forgot to mention that you can find the first season of Charlie’s Angels on Hulu and you can watch it here. Does any one else think sunglasses makes them look cooler?


  1. I agree, there is nothing better than vintage/thrift store half off days (its thrusdays for me!)

    I love the first picture, there is something that is so 70s cool about it! I think its the combo of the glasses and the blouse.

    I don't own anything DVF yet but as I'm seeing time and time again her clothes are timeless and beautiful (like your blouse).

    ~Em K

  2. You are one of the few people I know who can pull of jeans like those and look STUNNING!

    I love it.

    I always get shy when I am taking pictures and random people are watching me do it!


  3. I LOVE your vintage DVF shirt, def tdf…

    and clutches are the IN thing right now

    You look fabulous babe, and yes, I agree, sunglasses make everyone more cool 🙂


  4. yayy! im excited i won because I really am in love with all those clutches from CSN…and im loving the clutch in this post! I go crazy when thrift stores have their half off days, im obsessed! thank you my lovely for the opportunity to win! im excited!

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