Peasent Skirt


I’m not sure how we got the pic like this but I think it looks cool.
My friendly Florida ducks =)
Hey everyone!!! I’m so sorry that I have been gone so long.  I’ve been working busily on my schoolwork(and it never ends). Any way on Friday we got a cold-front which was really nice since it gave me a chance to drag this skirt out of storage. It’s truly one of the most amazing winter shirts ever. Which I got at my neighbors yard sale with this skirt. I love this skirt it’s so classic at least for my style and I would be crazy to ever get rid of it, it’s so beautiful. So If I was 70 or so I would wear it with a fur hat, flat riding boots,a long camel wool coat, a sweater top in an earthy tone and of course copious quantities of jewelz.  I love clothes that have timeless appeal that I would wear when I get up in years. wearing: hand-me-down gold silk shirt it’s one of my faves, amazing vintage Koos Van Dan Akker skirt, target hat, vintage necklaces, big honking ring from the folk fair, fave leather belt, and Gianni Bini shoes.
I hope you all are having a wonderful  Monday!!!  And an equally amazing weekend. =)

p.s I will be announcing the giveaway winner in my next post. And the necklace I wore in the previous post is from my accessories line you can read more about it here. You can purchase them from my web-shop I am currently working on my international shipping options.



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