Light and Shadow

  Hey all I hope your all having a fabulous week =) I have been insanely busy with school when your in college it sucks your life away… So this weekend will be full of homework. Part of this homework consists of finishing two light and shadow drawings for my drawing 1 class. So when I looked at these pics as I was uploading them I saw the light and shadow, and that’s how this post got named =) I love this skirt it’s amazing as far as swoosh factor is concerned and the classic white shirt is fab!!! simple and detailed clothing is one of my favorite things. wearing: vintage silk skirt I made over, thrifted top, Not Your Boy Friend’s Shirt Necklace (my line!)  , favorite leather belt, and Gianni Bini heels(not seen). It was so wonderful wearing heels flats can get a bit dull after a while.
 Whilst browsing my fave blogs(and discovering new ones). I came across this really insightful article written by Vahni at Grit and Glamour. And it’s about why she isn’t involved in Chictopia, Weardrobe, Hypeed, and Lookbook. It’s so insightful I highly recommend that you click on over and read it. anyway the long and the short of it is I’m going to be deleting my Weardrobe and Chictopia accounts, which I have hardly used because I don’t have the time to do all that. I would rather blog and read other people’s blogs than spend my time on those websites. and since I don’t spend my time on those sites like I used too. But now they are not that interesting to me anymore. Any way I will hem and haw no more. I highly recommend you all checking out what Vahni has to say and read the comments too and the follow up responses from Hypeed and Lookbook. check it all out here, here, and here.

Good night all!!!!!!!!. =)
p.s. Don’t forget to check out my give-away!!! I do wish CSN shipped overseas but sadly they don’t. So from here on out all the rest of the giveaways on my blog will not exclude all of who are reading in far flung places. Though when I said I would do the giveaway I didn’t have all this figured out. But I’m glad I have it figured out now. after all you live and you learn. I’m glad to do this giveaway (CSN has some cool stuff),but from here on out I have decided that I don’t want to exclude others who live out side of the U.S of A. I just wanted to let all international readers and friends know that I haven’t forgotten you!!!



  1. VERY interesting article indeed. I've never been into using sites like Lookbook or Chictopia, and always thought of that as a truly unfortunate side effect of my laziness, but now I'm thinking twice. I sort of want to join now just so I can give props to people based on their FASHION sense, not their BMI or race.

  2. LOVE the classic white shirt paired with that fabulous skirt, and your necklace is definitely unique :)), I read Vahni's post, and it was magnificent!!! definitely a MUST READ for all fashion bloggers :))

    Wishing you LOVE and HAPPINESS in your life sweetie pie


  3. College really is a black hole of time. I always have something that I should be doing instead of blogging. There's always a place to go, a paper to write, a class to attend, etc… I love the color of that skirt! It looks really nice on you 🙂


  4. I just ran into your blog and im so happy I did! Its a great blog you have such nice posts!Your outfits are great! I love this skirt! you look stunning:)
    Im gonna follow you!
    Hope you take the time to visit me back and follow me back if you like

    Lots of love
    from belgium,

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