Kimono Robe

So on Sunday I decided to wearing my little kimono robe thing after it sat so long in my closet.

I love this kimono thing I about died when I saw it at the thrift store and for a dollar, I knew it was to stay with me. Though if the sleeves aren’t rolled up it looks too bathrobe like for my liking. I almost ousted it from my closet because of that. But I’m really glad I didn’t. I gotta say it was nice not to be wasp-waisted and restricted any belt. Though belts will always hold a prominent place in my accessory collection  all the belted amazing-ness that there is to be had… wearing: vintage thrifted silk Bob Mackie kimono robe, thrifted silk tank dress that I shortened, Gianni Bini shoes, Kohl’s bag, random necklaces, and favorite assortment of rings =)

I have a Facebook page I finally figured it out today!!! It was rather easy and not too painful.  =)

I hope you all had a wonderful Thursday!!!!!



  1. Laura that kimono is beautiful, and for a dollar????? that is a steal. You look lovely darling, and I wish you a beautiful sunday
    PS: thank you so much for your kind words, your comment means a lot to me, so, thank you, thank you


  2. Hi,

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    Best of luck,


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