You should be able to enlarge this picture  just click on the picture. You should be able to click again to zoom in. When you look closely at the face it looks angry! I love my angry lion ring  It’s one of the most humorous pieces of jewelry I own.

So the other day I wore this to class. It was speech day in my speech class and I wanted to wear something nice. It makes it easier if you have to stand in front of other people and give a speech(something I need to improve…but I didn’t give it wearing this) And those sunnies are the funnest bits of eye wear ever. I found them at my neighbors yard sale and I had to have them and they are so fun to wear. I was wearing them while traipsing about town and this one guy was walking down the street and looked at me really funny. I had a hard time not laughing! Gotta love fun accessories!!!  Wearing: Self designed cotton crop tee  love it worn like this. last seen here, self designed glass leaf necklace better view here,  vintage sunnies & angry lion ring,dress barn trouser jeans, and chaps sandals (not seen)

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!!!! And thank you so much for dropping by =)


p.s. It’s exactly one week until it’s officially fall. I can’t wait to start layering!!!



  1. Hello sweetie, how are u? I've been thinking about u. I LOVE you top and your uber cool sunnies!!!! Please keep in touch and LOVE always, your friend, Jemina, xoxo

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