As you all know I love my sheer pieces. I wear them a lot and this dress is no exception. It’s so amazingly sheer I’m in love =) It’s vintage which I love. but the length was too long and it had a hole and major paint stains so carefully chopped off a few inches of the hem(which got rid of the hole and major paint stains).Then hemmed it up. It also had horrendous shoulder pads which I carefully took out and now it’s ready to wear. The embroidery on the bodice is amazing. wearing vintage Passports by Pier 1 Imports sheer dress, favorite leather belt, Gianni Bini shoes, Sort of wish I was dripping in rings… I look so young in the first photo…

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!!! Thank you so much for the words of support and sweetness concerning my new line! The website is a little over halfway done so things are moving along!!!

                                                                                                    Love ,

p.s. So now I finally have twitter and now I can get all the random fashion-y thoughts off my chest (so to speak). I procrastinated for so long, never a good thing…



  1. i love this , not only its sheeer , its black and its vintage

    pretty dress lol i do agree with the shoulder pad thingy , i never like it because it makes me look like a football player

    normally i will remove it too

  2. I should be thanking YOU for the patterns which are so awesome. I get so excited when I start stitching a new one! I love the scale and the details in the patterns, and I agree with you…..

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