Exciting News!!!

After a few rather subtle hints. I have an announcement…I’m launching an accessories line!!!  With more details coming soon. I didn’t tell you all sooner due to the fact that I had to keep on moving the launch date back. since things I could not control got in the way. But since the launch is very eminent I thought I would tell you all. I’m so glad I can at last let the cat out of the bag. =)

Anyway a few weeks ago I wore one of my favorite transitional dresses.

Featuring the necklace that started it all. I love this necklace and wear it at least once a week. It goes with so much (I love pairing it with girly skirts and shirts)… wearing: thrifted silk dress that I shortened, thrifted blazer that I shortened, self designed sample necklace, favorite leather belt,wonderful vintage leather tote, vintage ring,and Pay less flip flops. When I wore this it was way too hot for the blazer. it’s hard to get fall in Fl…especially in the middle of August.

Happy weekend every one!!!!! Thank you so much for dropping by!!!




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