Well as I mentioned in the last post I had a wedding that I was going to. This what I wore, sadly I couldn’t wear a dress of my own design since I didn’t have the time to make one…but I did have  this little clutch that I had made years ago and hadn’t ever worn. The wedding was beautiful and dancing away into the night was a blast! wearing: vintage dress from Misred I love the sheer panel with it’s asymmetric hem-line, self designed clutch, Gianni Bini shoes, vintage pendant, ring and belt.

I hope you all had a Happy Monday!!!

p.s. My neighbor had an amazing yard sale and I got some fun pink silk pants
and very cool vintage sunnies and a few other things. So excited about my finds!!! Did any of you have any good yard sale finds?



  1. Thank you all =)

    Style porn: Sounds like fun fun stuff to find while yard sale-ing. I have the hardest time finding good books at yard sales.
    Ilenia:Thank you! I definitely will visit =)

  2. I tend to pick up books and other random trinkets at yard sales (usually stuff I don't need because I can't walk away from a bargain). Never any vintage clothing though! You got lucky!

  3. LOVE IT
    you've got a great blog, keep it up!
    a great source of inspiration
    thanks for sharing, i'll be coming back!


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