A few pictures I took in Clearwater a few months ago. I hope you all enjoy!!! Be forewarned this is a very image heavy post…

This is one of the coolest trees I have ever seen it’s huge and it looks like bonsai.

Shadows of me,my dad and little sister.

The libraries architecture. It’s so cool and it’s four stories tall…

Since I went there in the beginning of June it was blazing hot and very humid. So I wore a simple skirt and shirt and a few favorite jewelz. It was not a time for fussy clothes… wearing: thrifted shortened skirt, self designed boxy woven cotton tee the fabric is so soft and sheer, fave leather belt Payless flip flops,and vintage jewelz

Sadly I won’t be posting as much as I would like to since school has started. But I hope I can start posting more soon.

Happy Sunday every-one! I hope you all have blessed day!!!


  1. what a wonderful set of pictures. It always amazing how beautiful nature is on a picture. It keeps fascinating me ^__^
    And I love the look you wear too. The black skirt is really adorable!

    Loves, London

  2. Ruta thank you!!!!! =)

    Xshumzx: Clearwater is a city in Fl. =)

    Nickie: It's one of the most complete libraries I have ever seen it is amazingly cool!!! =)

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