The shirt Dress

I love this dress! It’s one of my more versatile designs that I have sitting in my closet. Since it works nicely as a shirt like jacket thing too. I wore it this way back in Feb/March and it’s truly a wonderful little linen shirt dress. and the coolest thing is I made it out of a ginormous mens shirt (I love to recycle textiles). I love linen and sage-y green so I thought it would work perfectly for a lovely little basic shirt dress. Also this was the first time I did set in sleeves and they fit!!! Which made me very glad when I tried it on… Wearing: self designed shirt dress,fave  vintage necklace, men’s Hanes tank I made into a slip, thrifted woven leather belt, avon ring, and Mark Fisher shoes.

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!!!!!!!!!
Laura =)

p.s. I love Charlie’s Angels I just started watching it recently and I would love to raid the wardrobe department they used for it. I love 70’s clothes…
Edit: I  love looking back in how I’ve progressed stylistically and I love seeing that in the blogs I read. It’s fun to see how we all evolve and change stylistically…
fun fact: I made this dress while watching the Olympics, twas fun =)



  1. shirt dresses are so comfortable and versatile.

    I think your edit note is neat, that you like looking back at your older blog posts to see how your style has evolved. That's why I started my blog, to have a record of how my style has changed, or rather will change (hopefully for the better!) and to draw inspiration from other bloggers 🙂

  2. Sarah: Thank you I love the necklace and the dress both faves.
    V: I totally agree. I need to make more
    Nickie: Setting the sleaves wasn't too bad but sewing purses is fun.
    Ruta: Thank you!!!

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