Recessionista Chic

“In time of crisis fashion bloggers show that you can have style at any price.” – Dolls’ Factory   
A very true statement. After I saw the very cool post done by Jemina check it out here.  I decided to take up the challenge. It was a lot of fun and really easy since most everything I own, I have acquired( except for shoes..) for next to nothing.  the whole look must cost 50 Euros=70USD or less, and no piece should cost more than 30 Euros. 

 Look 1: Take full advantage of sidewalk sales. Every year my city has a sidewalk sale and I manged to spend  very little money while finding cool stuff. And take full advantage of stores that offer store credit since you are not really spending money to get cool new clothes and jewelz… Wearing Forever 21 lace tank and Vintage Skirt both from Misred at $3 each with store credit. Necklace  From Micheals given to me by a friend, Vintage bag $4, Vintage Rhinestone rings came together $0.25 and Payless FlipFlops $10 = total $17.25 

Look 2: Scour the thrift store. I love to find bits of gorgeous things to wear or use the fabric from. It saves so much money. If you have very little money to spend on your wardrobe it can help tremendously in stretching those dollars and filling your closet, with fun wonderful goodies. Wearing: vintage Diane Von Furstenburg floral shirt $1.50, vintage skirt $0.50, Linea Pelle belt $1.50 all thrifted. vintage gold chain necklace and tiara ring from a yard sale. approx. $0.15 each since they were from a $2.50 bag of jewelery, self designed pendant  materials from a friend, faceted Avon ring from a friend, and payless flip flops $10 =13.80 for the whole outfit.

Look 3: Get crafty! I love this shirt it’s a vintage Liz Claiborne from the 80’s (I adore Liz Claiborne)…

Though it started out it’s life as a dress but since the skirt part of the dress was a tad bit too snug I had to chop it off. but it was super easy, since the shirt was a separate part so I chopped it off leaving enough room to sew a hem so it would not fray. Now it’s ready to wear. Wearing: vintage Liz Claiborne shirt $2, Target shorts $20, Kohls bag from a friend, Payless flip flops $10,  self designed necklaces materials from a friend + my graphite beads approx $.50, faux turquoise pendant from a friend = $32.50 for it all.

I hope you all enjoyed it and find these tips useful. I Would love you all to take up the challenge it’s so much fun to get as much bang for your buck as possible. Check out Dolls’ Factory and let her know you want to participate and she will send you all the info you need. And click on over to the post that started it all here

Happy Sunday every one!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!
And thank you for your kind words it truly brightens my day =)



  1. OH, you look BEYOND babe!!!

    WOW WOW WOW, you nailed it, just WOW!!!

    Loving every look here, FABULOUS!!!

    Wishing you a magnificent day dear


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