Ray of Sunshine

                Haha I look so silly after all in life you can’t always be serious…

                              By far the best pendant I have designed.

I love this skirt!!!! it’s the absolute best it’s a favorite… but then again I love all my skirts, my whole closet to be exact… It helps that I got rid of all my boring clothes a few weeks ago… Any way about a 2  and a half weeks ago, I wore this whilst traipsing about running errands and all that jazz. And I loved wearing this And going to one of those posh jewelry & antiques places was nice too. It was rather fun to be surrounded by gorgeous glittering eye candy…
wearing: self designed pendant,Linda Allard for Ellen Tracy silk blouse from Misred, Linnea Pelle belt, vintage Koos Van Den Akker skirt, Marc Fisher shoes,and Avon ring from a friend.

I found a really cool interview with Koos Van Den Akker(the amazing designer who thought up this skirt) on Style Like U, check it out here. I hope one day I can own more of his pieces. but I’m so glad I have the two skirts they are amazing the way they move and feel. And the fabric, I love it…

Happy Monday every one I hope you all have had a fabulous day!!!!!Thanks so much for dropping by!!!



  1. Thank you =) It's funny how we have similar blog names. I guess it's because we both ❤ art.=) I will definitely keep blogging! Thanks for stopping by =)

  2. I love the multiple prints on this skirt! Great color combo! Thanks for checking out my site, you have a great site yourself. And our names are so similar–“Artfully Artista” and “Artfully Awear”. Keep blogging!

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