Lace and Polka dots

A little something I wore last Sunday. I’ve noticed when I have no I idea what to w ear I usually revert back to black. That’s what I did on Sunday. Wearing; Forever 21 Lace tank from Misred , 90’s rayon polka dot skirt I thrifted and shortened, vintage rings, Barbie bow ring from childhood, self designed necklace,trusty leather belt,Giani Bini shoes,and bag from Kohls
 I’m kind of curious, what you guy’s do if you have no idea what to wear?
 I hope you all have an amazing day!!!! Thank you so much for dropping by!!!!


p.s. Whoever came up with the idea that you can’t wear black and brown was crazy…



  1. Black and brown look sooo good together! I always think that color combo looks very retro (good for Fall 2010) and very western..LOVE both looks! When I can't figure out what to wear (and need to dress in a rush)..I always have 2 dresses that I call “the back up dresses.” They always look good and I feel good wearing them. And I dont' have to think about it…just put it on with some lipstick and RUN OUT THE DOOR!!!
    Hope that helps…haha
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  2. Nickie: I love your choice you can't go wrong in bell bottoms =)

    Brit Greek: I love what your doing to your wardrobe it sounds like it's going to be brilliant. I'm in the process of getting all boring clothes out of my wardrobe and I do believe I'm there.For the moment any way…

    Zabrinah:I love how you use your old jeans it definitely sounds like it works well. =)

    Thank you all so much for your kind words =)

  3. Pretty pretty pretty! So amazing.

    Hmm.. When I have no idea what to wear, I usually try on everything in my closet and drawers, putting together a new ensemble with old items.


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  4. Great outfit!!! Love black!
    When I'm having one of those days of not knowing what the devil to wear, is to throw on some perfect fit jeans, a kick ass top and a chunky/fabulous necklace if it's hot, a beautiful summer frock.

    Having recently edited my wardrobe, I try to only buy pieces that enhance my wardrobe, only looks amazing and has longevity – that way when you look inside your wardrobe you'll never have “I have nothing to wear' moment, cos everything's amazing!

    thanks for stopping by sweetie!

  5. If I have no idea what to wear, I always go to jeans. Usually bell bottoms. And some sort of tee. 🙂 I don't wear a lot of black because I find that it's not that flattering on me. You look fabulous though. Love the skirt! xoxo

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