Caftan Crazed

I love this dress even though it’s a whole lot of look it is seriously one of my favorite dresses ever. I love caftans as you can see here and here. So when I found this at a thrift store for two bucks I snatched it up. It’s not that often that one runs across such a fun caftan for so cheap.  also another cool thing about this dress is it was sold at a gallery and and I think the print was designed by an artist. I just want to lounge around while wearing this… Any way I’m going to chop off the hem of this dress and make the bottom into a skirt and get even more wear out of it.wearing: vintage 70’s caftan, old thrifted leather belt, Chaps sandals, self designed necklace and earrings, and tie that was my dads that now a belt/headband.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!! And thank you for dropping by!!! =)
Happy Wednesday !!!



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  2. I love the dress, Laura!! You're right about the print. I don't know if it was designed by an visual artist, but it sure looks like it! Also you look so cute in the last two pics especially! You really bring that caftan to life!
    xoxo Cami

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